Tuesday, 19 February 2013

From house to home.

Today I am sharing another great love of mine, Interior Design. Although I am not a home owner as yet, (oh how I long to be) I am inspired constantly by the amazing ability some people have of turning their house into a home.

Different styles and tastes are within us all and that’s what keeps not only fashion but interior design exciting. As I drive by houses each day a part of me always wonders what inside awaits as that front door is opened. A home reflects so many things in a person, a place for you to call your own to feel safe and comfortable and provoke your own euphoria. 

Below are images which have inspired me, of course this is only interior inspirations, I had to stop myself from adding every image ever collected and would certainly need another post for exterior inspirations. It truly inspires me, the ability we can have to create something out of nothing, with such simple things we can create something so eye catching and unique, with fabrics, textures and paint a room can be given a completely different feel (face-lift if you like). Given a bare room the possibilities are endless.

Some of my personal favourites are found here too, Moroccan style doors, apothecary jars, bricks walls timber floors, high ceilings, chalk walks, baroque style wall mirrors. My interior preferences are clean yet colourful, classic with a modern twist. When I finally do get that dream home my ideas and excitement will run wild as now it’s my turn to make my house a home.

Enjoy x

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