Friday, 15 March 2013

Flat lay styling....

As summer begins to leave us behind, I already begin to ponder on outfits that are seasonally appropriate. So instead of pondering I thought hey why not create? So I tried my hand at a bit of flay lay styling...... ahh the possibilities.
 I  set a theme for myself, scenarios where I'd best picture these out fits. MONOCHROME, a very fashion forward chic and savvy look was pictured at upcoming Melbourne Fashion week events, and CARNIVAL a more casual relaxed look however with a bright punch of colour was pictured for a luncheon catch up in the city with girlfriends.
 So for these two purposes specifically I have it all planned out, now at that has to be done is purchase.....'OHHHH IF ONLY'...I SIGH.

Shorts Ellery

Blazer Sass&Bide
Earring Tom Bins
Scarf Marc Jacobs
Clutch YSL
Heels Giuseppe Zanotti

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